The Gallery

The paintings in this gallery are in private collections.

Octopus 48"x60"


Canada Geese 30"x48"

Interdependent 48"x60"


Moose & Lilie's 48"x60"

Red Salmon 42"x48"


Ling Cod 42"x48"

Begonias 24"x42"


Halibut 24"x42"

Denali Caribou 42"x48"


Dragonflies w/crystals 24"x42"


Cow Moose w/calves 48"x60"


Humpbacks 24"x42"

Alaska Wildlife 48"x60"


Hanging Begonias 42"x48"


Green & Blue Salmon  42"x48"

Caribou with Fireweed 24"x 42"

Sandhill Cranes 28"x48"

Bluebearies 28"x28"

Blue Iris 14"x48"

Golden Lilies 14"x48"

Bull and Brown Bear 14"x48"

emerald_octopus.jpg (59986 bytes)

Green Octopus 28"x48"

Bearded_Irisca.jpg (218989 bytes)

Bearded Iris 10"x18"

Mermaid__Rockfishca2.jpg (307461 bytes)

Mermaid & Rockfish 


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